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Displaying Your Family Tree

Researching and displaying your family tree can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Here are some creative ideas on how to showcase your findings.


Display a Printed Family Tree Chart

Creating a printed family tree chart is a classic way to display your family history. This can be a fun family project done by hand on paper, or you can purchase a premade chart that you fill out. Some printers can even design and print a family tree chart on high-quality paper. Just be sure to double-check the spellings of names to ensure accuracy.


Family Tree Photo Wall

Invite your ancestors into your living space with a family tree photo wall, which can serve as a beautiful focal point in any room. You can arrange photos in the shape of a tree or group them by family branches. Start by sketching out a plan on paper. Then, trace your frames onto brown paper bags, cut out the shapes, and tape them to the wall to test the arrangement before hanging the actual photos.


Family History Shadow Box

A family history shadow box is similar to a photo wall but uses a deep frame with a backing. Cover the frame’s background with pretty paper or cloth, if desired, and attach photos using double-sided tape. Also add small mementos, such as a brooch, handkerchief, or military medals, and name labels. Shadow box frames and kits are available at framing and art supply stores.


Photo Book

Create a photo book with a family tree on the cover to ensure your ancestors are never forgotten. Dedicate pages to different branches of the family, featuring heirloom pictures and important dates. Include stories and anecdotes beside each family member to provide context and make the photo book more engaging and personal.


Photo/keepsake Ornaments

Transform your Christmas tree into a family tree with small frame-style ornaments, which you can purchase or make. Insert a photo into each ornament, label the back with names and dates, and hang them in family groupings. Alternatively, you can suspend the ornaments from an evergreen or grapevine branch or wreath on a wall year-round.


By using these creative methods, you can proudly display your family tree and share your heritage with family and friends.

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